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New CDD beneficial ownership requirements have shifted the focus of compliance to an area that has historically been challenging. This is why we have created a free tool to assist you in documenting beneficial ownership details and obtaining company registry information. As challenging a this has been in the past, with just the click of a mouse, you can now create company organizational charts and search corporate registries globally including every state in the US.

Global RADAR has taken the hassle out of complying with Beneficial Ownership requirements. With free access to corporate registries around the world, identifying company officers and principals has never been easier. Review company structures quickly and efficiently, ensuring you are complying with current Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership requirements.

You can also upgrade your plan to screen all names against sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists ensuring that you've identified individuals or companies that present a heightened risk to your organization. Compile all details in a single report which includes the results of matches against global sanctions lists, PEP lists, adverse media.

You can now have peace of mind knowing there is a tool available that can help you achieve your compliance requirements.

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Who we are


Global RADAR is the leader in client onboarding, customer due diligence and transaction surveillance. We make it easier to open accounts in a secure digital environment while ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements and leverage sophisticated analytics to ensure suitability of clients profiles. Global RADAR is built on four solid pillars of compliance: Customer Due Diligence, Document Management, Watch List Screening, and Transaction Surveillance. Our innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team make us the premier solution to address operational and compliance requirements.


Our Origins?

We were in your position before embarking to create Global RADAR® . As financial service providers, we were constantly wondering what measures could be taken to protect our organization from Anti-Money Laundering and financial crimes. How to keep our organizations out of the headlines that flood our media today and ensure operations were running as optimally as possible. It was from that notion that the concept of Global RADAR ® was created.

Today, we provide services to retail, institutional and commercial clients with a global presence in over 20 countries.



The experts at Global RADAR ® have extensive experience in assisting all kinds of institutions. Whether it’s our deployment team or customer service representatives, our worldwide operation guarantees we have a presence near you to ensure the success of your compliance initiatives.

With feedback from our representatives, Global RADAR’s team of software engineers is constantly modifying and enhancing our software to guarantee you are not only protected, but also have the most elevant and cutting edge software in your arsenal. The compliance landscape is always changing and it’s our mission help you.



Our success is derived from the success of our clients. We pride ourselves in having assisted challenged financial service providers throughout the world in the successful implementation of comprehensive compliance programs. It is for this reason Global RADAR® has been named to the Top 10 Risk and Compliance service providers by Banking CIO.